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Uptown Galeria Clothing (UGC) was established with an aim to cater to the fashion conscious, confident and aspirational Indian woman looking for fresh fashion, quality products and designs that are unconventional yet contemporary and available at affordable prices.     

Following its vision & commitment to developing the latest western & Indian fashion trends with an individualistic outlook that connects with its target audience has helped UGC gain a loyal & satisfied clientele. We at UGC focus on developing products that are distinctly bold while hinting a touch of minimalism. Our products are an amalgamation of western & Indian trends. We aim to incorporate the soul of the brand in every garment we design therefore creating differentiation & brand recognition. UGC is a part of the Sri Gan Exports Group, a leading manufacturer & exporter of women’s apparel to the U.S. and Eu- rope. Our well established in-house expertise & infrastructure enables us to con- stantly develop new designs thus providing our customers not only with quality products but also a vast variety and new design experience every time they visit us. 

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